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The Funny Pages
My mom got this idea for a photo album appropriately called the funny pages.    If you think about it, guess who will have fun and at who's expense.  Yeah, everyone has fun but me.   She intends to add a picture every so often until she fills the page with pictures of me, and who knows what else, that you might not find on the site normally.

This doesn't surprise me.  What does surprise me is that it took her so long to do it.  

So. the following  page(s)  is what my Mom calls "humor".  That remains to be seen.  Hope this is good.

Nah, that's all just talk.  Hope you enjoy yourself.  Click on the "continue" button below and check out "The Funny Pages".    Remember, she'll add one at a time on occasion.   So, the album will be kind of "skinny" for a while, but I'm sure that if I know her the way I think I know her, it'll be full of humorous items in no time at all  !   

                                                                         ~ Mike