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Gallery 6

The Adelanto Grand Prix 2002

I ended up in the emergency room under the skillful care of the doctors and nurses at Arrowhead Regional Hospital near San Bernardino, California.   I would like to send a special thank-you to Grandma Patsy, who hung in there with me until everyone knew that I'd be okay and for not complaining a bit about the wild ride in the truck from Adelanto to the hospital, where she rode in the back of the truck, within the camper shell with my sister, Sarah Nardini, who also was quite a sport about the whole thing.  Thanks to my Mom for always being there, and to Roy for the great driving, and to our Big Red F-350 for the "tough truck" ride of a lifetime!     And, thank you to my friend, Ed Groce, who is always concerned about me and who is helpful in so many ways.                              

The pics below are from the fun and racing action that occurred in the day prior to my accident.