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Gallery 2
The Once in a Lifetime event, the BAJA 2000

I was fortunate to have been able to take part in an event that would only happen once.  I entered in the Sportsman class.  We had trouble with the lights and were unable to run at night.  It was really hard to shut it down at dark and watch the rest of the race go by.   But, the important part was that we finished (myself, Kevin Gorzny, Matt Anderson, Malcolm Bryce, Scott Berch ,  the riders)   and Rev Roy Moore, who headed our chase crew and whom without we could have never made it to Cabo.  We not only finished, but we all had a great time and will always remember.

You can read the story written by Kevin Gorzny at Go to back issues, and pick December of 2000.  It's called "To the End and Back" in two parts.

Here are some of the pictures .