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           DESERT RACING


2002 District 37   4-stroke champion
2002 District 37  #1 Overall (desert) Rider

     Accepting the 4-stroke championship for District 37 .                                              Accepting the #1 Overall (desert) Rider                                

Also AMA National #5   4-stroke class
#20 overall

Beginning in January of 2003, I secured a contract with Kawasaki and I have had a new website created that is exclusive to my racing at Kawasaki.  My original site has all of the racing that I've done prior to 2003 and deals more toward Honda.    You can visit each site.  Both of them have alot of pictures of desert racing and alot of fun.   Hope you enjoy my sites and hope to see you at the races.


Mike's Original Site     Mike's New Kawasaki Site